About Us​

Education for Aspiring Independent IT Technicians!​

Let’s focus on processes, professionalism, taking pride in your work, and of course…increased income!

With 20+ years of experience and over a million dollars in revenue in the Field Tech Industry, we can help you succeed as well. We love teaching individuals how to be successful Information Technology field technicians. We’ve mastered the skills of understanding what the clients are looking for so you know how to meet their needs and develop a repeat relationship with your clients. You’ll be able to receive service calls on a huge range of technical categories such as:
– Audio Video
– Telephony
– Low Voltage Cabling
– Point of Sale equipment
– Network Equipment and much more!


To teach individuals how to work effectively and successfully for themselves as Independent IT Field Technicians.


We strive to enable our clients to have the information they need to feel confident working for themselves in the IT Field Tech industry.

Our Founder

Michael Firey
Founder / CEO​

Michael has been in the tech industry since 1997. He runs a successful local computer repair business and an IT field tech contracting business. He loves music, binge watching great shows, and outdoor activities.