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If you are looking for a reliable source that will provide you the best advice you’ve been looking for, we are here. With 20+ years of experience working as a field technician and teaching technicians how to work in the Independent IT tech industry, we’ve already invented the wheel. Let us help you master the skills of knowing how to receive work without advertising, how to get set up with clients offering work every day across the US, and what skills, tools, and supplies you’ll need take your income to the next level.​

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With 20+ years of experience and over a million dollars in revenue in the Field Tech Industry, we can help you succeed as well. We love teaching individuals how to be successful Information Technology field technicians on their own as well as providing Field Nation alternatives. We’ve mastered the skills of understanding what the clients are looking for so you know how to meet their needs and develop a repeat relationship with your clients. You’ll be able to receive service calls on a huge range of technical categories such as:
– Audio Video
– Telephony
– Low Voltage Cabling
– Point of Sale equipment
– Network Equipment and much more!

Did you know that there are alternatives to Field Nation and WorkMarket? There is this entire freelance IT field tech industry field nation alternative. You probably never heard of it because the technicians that work in that field don’t like to share it, because they don’t want the competition. They don’t want to dilute the market. I have a client list available on my website at https://fieldtechacademy.com/direct.

It will give you 28 clients that you can sign up with, do field work, and get paid just like you would through Field Nation and WorkMarket. Before you consider buying my client list. We need to talk about a few things. This client list is really not intended for somebody that is new to the marketplace. For this to work for you, you really need to be an experienced field technician.

You need to be someone that has a broad range of skill sets.

My name is Michael Firey and I’m with Field Tech Academy. I also do freelance IT work and I run a local computer repair shop. I started my computer shop around 1997, and I got into the IT contracting industry around the year 2000. To give you a perspective on whether maybe I know what I’m talking about or not, just since 2019, I’ve made over $300,000 from Field Nation and WorkMarket.

So in addition to what I’ve made from Field Nation and WorkMarket, I’ve made over $375,000 in this freelance IT tech industry. And that’s not counting my local computer repair business. We sign up with all these different companies Field Nation, WorkMarket, and the other clients on my list. By diversifying ourselves and having all these different sources of possible income, and it helps us to stay busy field nation alternative.

I’m able to turn down more work than I take. But if you’re trying to make your living strictly off of Field Nation and WorkMarket, you can. But there’s times that those platforms get quiet. Those are the times when it really makes a difference to have other sources of income. Let’s talk about what these clients require to join their network.

These clients are really geared towards people who are more established, who are more experienced. They’re going to expect you to have your own general liability insurance, your own worker’s comp insurance if you have employees. They’re going to require you to have your own commercial automobile policy. Most of these clients offer work that really covers a broad range of technical expertise.

You can niche down and just do a particular type of work for these clients, but obviously that’s going to reduce your potential income. So for this list to be a good match for you, you really need to be somebody that has a broad range of technical experience. Most of these clients are in the United States and only offer tickets in the United States field nation alternative.

Now there’s a couple here and there that work in Canada, but this list really is focused towards U.S. residents. So if you’re not a US resident, this list probably is not for you and I would not encourage you to buy it. You have to understand that this is 1099 contract work. This is not W-2 employment. Taxes are not going to be taken out.

You will have to do your own withholding. You’re gonna have to make sure you do your own billing. You’re going to have to create invoices. The other factor with these types of clients is usually the payout terms are longer. There are some that are net 45, net 60. These are all things that you need to factor into whether you want to do this.

You might say, Michael, I don’t need you. I’m not buying your list. I will find these clients on my own. By all means, if you can, I encourage you to do it. I have found over the years that these companies that operate like this, they’re not something you can Google. That’s why I think this list is so valuable.

It gives you a jumpstart into clients that I’ve worked with, I have vetted, I trust, they pay. If you’re a good tech with good skill sets, there’s no reason you can’t sign up with these clients and make good money very, very quickly. If you would like to buy my client list, there is a link in the description that you can click directly to it.

Of course you can go to my website at fieldtechacademy.com. Look at the products page. You know, if you’re just a part timer and you don’t have a lot of experience, I really would not encourage you to do this. But if you’re an established tech and you’re already making decent money out in the field and you just want to add more income and more potential, this client list is for you field nation alternative.

I strongly believe you will more than make up for the cost of the list. Let’s get you out in the field making money.