3 Things I hate About WorkMarket | WorkMarket Review | Make Money as a Freelance IT Field Technician

WorkMarket is a great place to make money online as a freelance IT Tech. There are 3 things that drive me nuts that I share in this video. I still use WorkMarket and earn thousands of dollars a year on their platform but there is always room for improvement.

I have been in the freelance IT tech industry since 2000, on Field Nation since 2010, and on Work Market since 2011. Field Tech Academy gives you the secrets of 20+ years of experience how you can succeed as an Independent IT Field Tech.

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Work Market

Video Transcript:

I really do my best to be positive in my videos and not rant on platforms or particular clients.

But there’s three things about WorkMarket that just drive me nuts.

So if you’ve ever seen these same problems, just know that you’re not alone.

My name is Michael, and I’m with Field Tech Academy.

My goal is to help technicians to be more effective in the field and to maximize their income.

The first thing that drives me nuts about WorkMarket is their reports.

I have not been able to make them work at all.

One of the things I’m going to talk about later in the video is the WorkMarket process.

I wanted to reconcile my accounting records with WorkMarket, because the

did not match what I showed in my records for income.

I thought, great, I’ll just run a report on payments.

And then I can use that report to reconcile my books against their books and make my income match the .

Here’s the email that I received after I created my report.

Now, let me show you what happens when I go to the report.

There’s no data.

And I generated it again,

got a second email.

there’s still no data.

There’s no options here. I don’t even know what to do, but I’m clearly not getting a report

that I created that it says that I created.

So let me show you how you should be able to do a report, and we’ll see what happens.

To create a new report, you’re going to go into your payment screen.

I want to know what my earnings were for last year.

So I’m going to go to contractor earnings.

This shows all my earnings starting from current date going backwards. But I want to know specific date range. So I’m going to generate a report.

First thing I’m gonna do is change the date range to match the range that I want to see.

We’re going to go January st, through

December st of . We’re going to apply that.

Now I’m only seeing transactions from .

Now the simplest way is to just export this to a CSV.

Problem with doing an Excel spreadsheet is now I’m getting everything under the sun. Not just payments.

I’d like for that

report generation to work.

I’m going to build a custom report.

Just like this.

Now, what I’m looking for are payments made within .

So I’m going to say payment date. Select a filter. And of course there’s no “last year” so I’m going to have to say date range.

January st .

December st, . And then here’s where hopefully I will get the information that I want.

Next step. Okay. Show preview. Nothing! Create the report. Call it test. Create it.

Let’s go to Reports.

It doesn’t even show that I created a report at all.

But I’m getting emails showing that I’ve created reports and custom reports. Still nothing.

Clearly trying to generate a report is useless here.

That means that the only way I’m going to be able to reconcile is to go through this spreadsheet and filter it down and get the deposits and the fees and do it all myself.

Second thing that drives me nuts about WorkMarket. Is that your money – your payments

are not secured.

Platforms like Field Nation and Cloud Work Pro.

Guarantee your payments.

I don’t know if that means that they pre-fund the tickets or they hold it in escrow.

But I know that Field Nation and Cloud Work Pro

Will ensure that you get paid if you do the job and you get the job approved.

I’ve had experiences with Field Nation, and they’ve been very proactive

to allow you to escalate a ticket

to report a problem

and to

actually step in as a referee and help you in situations.

But with WorkMarket, if there’s a payment issue

you are left out to dry. They will not help you.

It could be an issue of the client

literally never clicking

approve on the ticket. And so you’ve done the job. You submitted it for payment and it just sits there and WorkMarket won’t force it closed.

For example, I have three tickets from with this buyer Network Services.

I did the work,

completed the jobs,

and the buyer simply never hit the approve button. So they are in this eternal status of pending approval.

I went to WorkMarket. I said, hey, can you force these tickets closed?

Can you follow up with the buyer? Can you help me out?

They told me that I was on my own. So when it comes to WorkMarket being any kind of a referee, you’re going to get zero help.

And you’re going to have the same problem if you ever have tickets that the buyer refuses to pay.

So as you can see, I have some past due receivables.

These were tickets that were actually approved by the buyer. They simply never sent me the money.

Of course these tickets go back to , but it still illustrates the point that

these tickets were approved. There’s no dispute over them being done correctly or not.

And WorkMarket would not force payment on these.

WorkMarket’s solution was well you need to sue them. You need to take them to court.

I’m not going to take somebody to court for $.

And the buyer probably knows that. Who knows how many hundreds of techs they did this to.

I mean, as you can see, this isn’t life changing money. Between this $ and those three tickets that weren’t approved. We’re probably talking $,.

With the hundreds of tickets that I’ve done. This is only happened with two buyers

and everybody else. I’ve been able to work with them and get it taken care of.

So I would never say don’t do business on WorkMarket, but you need to pay attention to your buyers. If you get one ticket with one buyer and they start hassling you for payment and they start slow paying, you don’t do any more tickets for them.

Make sure that you get the issues resolved before you take any more tickets.

Before I get into the third thing that drives me nuts about WorkMarket. If you’re getting value

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So the third thing that drives me nuts about WorkMarket, I alluded to earlier, is their process. Let me show you what they give you when you try to download your .

We’re going to go to our profile icon.

We’re going to click settings.

We’re going to go to tax documentation.

This will give you access to all of your ’s from all the years that you’ve worked with WorkMarket.

Most recent ones will be at the bottom.

As you can see, they’re going to provide you with to different downloads for every year.

Let’s make it as complicated as possible.

The first basic one is your .

Okay, so that looks pretty straightforward. It’s just a shows the total income for that year.

My challenge is that this amount doesn’t match what I show I received in payments.

So obviously, I want to get some sort of report to reconcile that against.

So you would think you could pull these reports and it would make more sense.

So this one shows


before these expenses, which I don’t know what these expenses are. They don’t explain it.

And then there’s this other area. You’ve got earnings paid through companies on WorkMarket platforms, which I’m pretty sure I’m doing work for companies on the platform already.

If I pull the other report.

Then this shows a totally different set of income that’s like $.

The bottom line is this is what WorkMarket sends to the IRS. So this is what the IRS is going to expect to see in your income reports.

I showed that I made


$. more than what they reported to the IRS.

So I looked at the

end of . I looked at the beginning of , and I looked at the end of , and I looked for anything that might add up to roughly $..


Now I’m not an accountant, and I’m not a tax attorney. So nothing that I’m about to say is tax advice or accounting advice.

My understanding is that if I report more income than what’s on the , that is the safe bet. And since it’s a difference of $, it’s not a big deal.

It’s just something that drives me nuts because I’m a little OCD, and I like for the numbers to match.

Okay. I’m. I’m going to get off my soapbox now. I’m going to go back to doing positive, productive videos.

I mean, if you’ve had similar experiences or other challenges with WorkMarket,

You know, let me know in the comments below. I’m curious to see what kind of things you’ve ran into that are frustrating.

As always, let’s get you out in the field making money. I’ll see you in the next video.

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