Best Electricians Scissors For Field Techs | Electricians Scissors Review

In this video I compare three new electricians scissors from Amazon to see how they compare to my old Klein and Commercial Electric brand scissors. The new scissors are by ARES, C. Jet Tool, and Work Pro. I show how they cut in a few different environments and how the designs differ.

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Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Michael

with Field Tech Academy.

In today’s video,

I’m going to be talking about

several different types

of electrical scissors.

I’m a data tech

and so I use

electrical scissors

And I’ve had some issues

with finding a pair

that I really like for long

term usage.

I bought three new types

of electrician scissors.

And I’m going to talk to you

about the ones

that I’ve used in the past.

And I hope that

this will help you

to make a decision

on what kind of scissors

you’d like

to have in your tool bag.

Let’s get into it.

When I first started out,

I didn’t know any better,

and these were the only kind

of scissors I had ever seen.

This particular set is made

by Klein,

when it comes to scissors.

I don’t like anything bulky.

I don’t really like the

the thumb spot.

I get caught in it.

It just doesn’t seem to work

really well.

So after that,

I graduated to this style.

This one’s made by Klein.

This one’s made

 by Commercial Electric.

They’re the same principle,

but the idea is that

they’re supposed to give you

a little bit more leverage

by this little piece here,

you’ve got more to grab onto

to be able to really cut

some thicker cable.

Again, I don’t like this set

because the hole really hasn’t

improved any.

So you’re still gonna have

the same problem.

If you do use your thumb,

you’re going to get

your thumb stuck in this.

This set same principle.

Ironically, the thumb

hole is almost useless.

I can’t even

put my thumb in this.

So there’s really no usage

for that.

It’s really going to all

 be external.

The problem I’ve had with

this style

is that eventually

the blades get so dull

that they’re not cutting

fine things.

Like a pull string,

or like the tension

string inside

the jacket of a network cable.

I bought a sharpener,

tried to sharpen them

and that kind of worked.

Kind of didn’t.

The other problem with

this style is

you really can’t cut anything

that’s very thick.

Once you get past

or  RJ’s in a bundle

or a ground cable,

that’s a little thicker.

even with the leverage,

you’re really

not going to be able

to cut through that.

So I got on Reddit,

looked in the low

voltage group

and saw some guys

talking about scissors,

and they recommended

different pairs and all that.

figure I’ll just buy all three

and I’ll run them

through the paces

and see which one I like,

and I’ll keep the ones

that really work for me.

This is C Jet Tool.

ARES This one is work pro.

I haven’t heard of these


And maybe I’m

just out of the loop.

So I’m looking at it

in terms of functionality

and what they’ll do.

More than I care about

what the brand is.

Each one of these comes

with a belt holster.


I don’t know that I would

 actually use the belt holster.

I carry around a small

hip pouch,

and I’m looking for something

that will easily fit

 in this slot right here,

because that’s where,

by nature,

I reach for my scissors.

Something I thought was

really interesting

was the different approaches

to the handles.

This particular brand

 gives you this kind of a grip.

So it’s nice because your hand

can slip in and out I guess.

You’ve got a spot

 for your index finger.

This is a pretty traditional

set up.

Same concept.

A little bit of an angle.

So obviously you can get


a better angle at your cable.

So I like that idea.

when I was looking

at buying these,

one of the big functions

that I thought would be

an advantage

is that

these have more leverage

and will cut thicker

gauge cables.

Right now

 I have to carry around

a larger grade cutter

For ground wire

or for generally bigger cable.

And I think with each of these

you’ll see this curved spot

right here.

This is designed to give you

that really strong leverage

to cut thicker cables.

The next thing that

I’m looking for

is the ability to strip cable.

Each one of these has a wire

stripping feature in them.

As you can see,

you’ve got the ability

 to put in different

gauge wires and strip them.

This pair and this pair gives

you three different gauges.

This one only gives

 you two different gauges.

One nice thing I noticed about


is they’re going to allow you

to crimp things.

So this actually has

two different crimp points

for two different types.

This one is more of a pointed

and this is more of a flat.

This one only

has one. And it’s pointed.

This one

has one and it’s pointed.

The only real differences I’m

seeing here

is handle structure,

the number of strip points

you have,

and the number of points

you have.

This one C Jet tool

would appear to be the best.

I don’t really care about this

 wonky handle.

So even though I’ve got two

 crimp points,

I don’t use

crimping that much.

So for me,

I would probably just

go with this one

because I’d have

the three gauges for stripping

and the crimp portion

if I ended up using it.

this little ARES,

I don’t really have

any problem with it,

but if I’m choosing between

this one and this one,

I like the angle

o f the handles.

And I like the fact

that I’ve got three strip

gauges rather than just two.

nothing here is really

 dramatically stronger

than the other one.

I think it’s really going

to come down

to personal preference.

and I’ll put a link

to all three of these

in the description

of the video.

That way you can click through

and read all the features

yourself and decide

between you’d like to buy

Let me show you

some of what I’m talking about

with the cutting problems

I’m having with my old set.

Now, these are brand new,

so I don’t expect these

to have any problems.

But if we do see some problems

and they’re brand new,

then we know that that’s not

going to be the best one

to buy.

my older scissors

are really struggling

to cut things

that are not stiff and hard,

that are more fine.

This is the set that I’ve been

 using most recently.

That’s the best of them.

And this

seems to cut okay here.

Here’s my problem.

See how that just folds over.

So my old set

just is not cutting it.

I don’t really like

this style.

But that one actually cuts.

Now let’s

see how the new ones do.

This is for the large


It still cuts it.

So I can see that kind of

being a problem like here.

You can cut anywhere

 along the blade.

Here I would feel like

I need to get it out here,

but even here, it does cut.

Let’s see how this one does.



That cut. Again

 they’re brand new blades.

I really wouldn’t expect

anything crazy,

but it’s good to know

if something does happen here.

That one

didn’t cut as well here.

But again, most of the time

I’m going to be cutting here.

But that’s something to keep.

Note of that right here.

It’s not cutting it clean.

And these other two did

seem to cut it very clean.


So both of these cut very well

in the larger gauge section.

one of the problems I’m having

is with this tension string.

You know, you want to cut this

when you’re stripping

your cables back.

So in my current

pair of scissors,

I mean, it won’t cut it

unless I have

a lot of tension on it.

And then obviously when I have

tension on it will cut it.

Same thing here.

No cut.

That one actually cuts it.

So let’s see how

these modern style ones do.


That cut

clean with no tension at all.

It’s just loose.

Ok, that one did not cut.

And that one did cut.

So we got mixed results on

even these new ones.


see how it does with this

tape in the center here.

Okay, that cuts out there

with no tension.

That cuts.

That one cuts great.

Even my old Klein

one seemed to do well.

That one does all right on it.

And that one does okay.

Just for curiosity,

let’s cut a paper towel

and see how this does.

That’s cutting pretty well.

This one just doesn’t seem

to get in there and cut it.

This one cuts pretty well.

So overall,

I really feel like this one

and this one I like the most.

I’m going

to lean this direction

just because I like the angle.

And this has three strip

points instead of two.


 they’re very similar.

Of course, they’re all brand

spanking new,

so I would expect the blades

to be sharp.

So we’ll see

what happens over time.

If you found this video

interesting, please

smash the like button

 and subscribe to my channel.

Here at the end there’ll be

 two cards at the top.

One of the cards above me

will show my playlist

for tools and supplies

that I keep on my van

as a data technician.

I encourage you to watch those

to get some ideas

of how I organize myself

to be efficient in the field,

and to make the most money.

as always want to get you out

in the field making money.

I’ll see

you in the next video.

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