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Did you know there are many more companies that provide service calls to techs like you? These clients work in similar ways to Field Nation and WorkMarket. They will call you directly and offer you great paying service calls.

Lorenzo bought our Direct Client Package and is now earning more every week and filling in his schedule more consistently. See what he has to say about the Field Tech Academy Direct Client Package.

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Video Transcript:

This is Michael with Field Tech Academy.

Today I’m visiting with


He has purchased our direct client package, and you purchased that about six months ago.

So I’m following up with him today to see how things are working out for him.

So how are you doing today, Lorenzo?

I’m good, man, I’m good.

Packet’s working good for me you know. I appreciate you helping.

Business seems to be picking up.

One of the first questions I should ask is, are your real human?

Hehehe no A.I. here.

And so you’re an actual customer of the Direct Client Package. You’re

not a paid actor.

No, no paid actor.

I was doing a

internet search

for field tech and the client list came up on my search.

And I did some research on your

YouTube videos.

Followed those. And felt that

the client list would be valuable to me. And, and it came to be a value.

part of the

country are you in, Lorenzo?

I’m in south Georgia.

Is that a pretty populated area or more rural?



You know, we’re like two hours south of Atlanta,

and there’s a lot of work in Atlanta.

I kind of keep my radius within

60 miles.

If I do travel, I’ll do

maybe 120 miles.

I kind of, you know, like to be home every day.

So what would you say your population is in your kind of general area?

And my general area, the big city is Albany, Georgia. And

maybe 60,000 there.

And then then I go to the smaller cities of 30 thousand, 40 thousand

in surrounding counties.

That’ll be good for people to give perspectives to know, you know,

if maybe there’s some guys that are looking in a smaller rural area, how effective all this can be.

Right, it’s

very effective because,

you know, with every platform there’s there’s always Lowe’s, Home Depot,

McDonald’s, you know, there’s so many different restaurants that, you know, you do Point of Sale,

insurance companies with routers and servers. So

even little rural counties,

you do

a lot of things with like USDA and different things.


it’s a good living.

So about how many of the

clients in the package, have you been able to successfully sign up with so far?

successfully sign up with


Everyone that I’ve

did, I’ve done a

application for

has accepted me.

It’s just

some are not in my area.

But they are in the Atlanta metro area. If I decide to travel to Atlanta,

I can do work for,

five different vendors that are not on the platform

that would call me direct.

The three main ones

that I have

gotten from the client list

are the ones that do, in my area.

And I get direct calls and I get direct negotiations and,

they are all just, you know, happy to have a tech that,

they can call and,

meet the SLA.

Yeah, that’s a big thing. A lot of times, they’re just.

They’re just happy to find a human body that can show up on time and do the job. So, it worked out. It really did.

if you could put a number to it as some kind of an estimate to say, how much have you made from the clients off the client list, or how much has it increased your income on a monthly basis?

Just kind of give us some ballpark idea.

Well a ballpark

is, you know, like I say, in the rural area, I was basically with the two platforms that, you know, everybody’s on.


figure of $300 a day.

And now with the

different vendors that are calling, I would say I’ve increased to maybe $350 a day,

which doesn’t sound like much.

But at the end of the day,

you know, that’s an extra $225 a week.

it adds


Has it helped you to have.

 And it’s more stable.

That was exactly what I was going to ask. Is. Is it because for me, the diversity

is what I think is a big deal.

is by having more


than if Field Nation’s quiet or WorkMarket is quiet, then at least you’ve got somebody still calling and you still fill in those gaps and be more consistent.

it’s good to have too much work.

this is in the last six months is like the first time I’ve had

too much, you know, had to

work my schedule to try to satisfy everybody.

the rates that you’re getting from those clients in the list, do you feel like they’re higher or lower than Field Nation or Work Market or are they about the same? What do you what

you feel

Definitely higher. No doubt about it. Definitely higher.

You don’t have to deal with the “Pizza Tech”

$30 an hour stuff anymore.

You know, you go

and you give them a price.

And even

as from your client list,

as you know, you give a kind of a starting per hour

that they pay.


when they call and they’re needing a tech,

some would say, okay, well since you doing after hours, here’s

maybe five, ten bucks an hour more.

Because you know, you’re able to negotiate with them.

but as on your client list,

no one is under what you have on your client list.

like I say, being… being transparent, they’re all $60, $65, $70 an hour,

no, $30, $35.

And like even in your situation, once you get busier, that’s when you can really start pushing the rates up, because you can start turning people down and saying, well, hey, I’m too busy. And if you start inching your rate up,

you’re starting to kind of filter out and say, okay, well, I don’t want to do jobs

for this company anymore because they don’t pay enough.

that’s kind of how it is. And, and even from your client list,

I have a client that would call and,

you know, even at your rate

and I would be like,

I’m, already booked, but if something changes, I’ll let you know.

an hour later,

you get a call back.

Well, would you do it for,

five bucks an hour more, you know, so they’re always

trying to get the good techs.

if you were talking to another tech, would you say that there’s enough value in what you’ve received, that it’s worth the money to to spend to buy the direct client package?

I would say absolutely.

Without a doubt,

within the first few weeks,

as I said, you’ll see more revenue and

every number you gave was with “jam on”.

Every contact you gave me was “jam on”

I’m working

smarter, not harder now.

because you can have your

schedule a week, a week ahead of time.

when before the

client list and before these direct


You know, I was battling other techs on Field Nation and work market, and I

Didn’t put a schedule together.

I’m still on work market and Field Nation. And when they have good prices.


the vendors on the client list

help with,

maneuvering the…

your schedule.

That’s a big deal. It’s always. It gives you so much peace

when you know you’re booked a week out or two weeks out

instead of, like,

I don’t have any jobs tomorrow. I’m hopping on Field Nation. I’m building. Okay, this. And I’m going to request this and request this. And you.

even on top of the value of a client list

that’s another very important,

of having a schedule

from other people

from week to week.

that’s what’s helped me out a lot.

did I in any way guide you and tell you what to say in this interview?

No, no, man like I say, hey,

I’m I’m completely transparent.

even if there are some techs in South Georgia watching. I see techs in the field. And,

I lead some of these younger techs to your site because of not because just your client list, but because of the information.

So no, I’m not being paid. I’m not being

anything. This is just

being transparent and it’s

because I don’t know you from,

just from on your YouTube videos and the client list.

I would encourage anyone to who hasn’t gotten it yet

to to go out and get it and,

as I told you when I first got the client list. It’s worth a try, you know?


Well, I appreciate your time today, and, wish you well.

All right. Man,

Have fun out there in the field making money!

I appreciate it!

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