Don’t Run a New Cable! | $225 Service Call Example | Make money as a Freelance IT Field Technician

In this video, I’m showing an example of an onsite service call where I was hired to do a new cable run. I made $225 for a little over an hour of work. Did I need to run a cable? This is something you can do as a freelance information technology field tech.

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Video Transcript:

Sometimes the jobs can be really simple and pay very, very well.

today’s job was to, “quote unquote” run a new cable

to connect a Pitney Bowes machine.

But when I arrived on site, I found a

wall plate

that had 37, A, B, C, and D on it.

Came and looked at the network patch panel room, panel A, panel B, panel C,

panel D.

One of the open ports on the wall plate was

37 C.

So I located this, 37 C.

And which I traced out to be this cable here.

This was cross connected up higher on patch panel A and it was cross connect over here, which I’m assuming was

in the past a fax line.

So to be sure,

I’ve got my cable tester on

37 C at the location. And we’ve got a pass, which means number one, I got the right cable. Number two, it’s a good cable.

Looks like I don’t have to run a line, which is really nice. So I’m just going to have to find an open port on the switch and talk to their tech support.

We got a couple of open ports down here.

Should be able to use that

if their tech port says it’s open,

short and sweet.

I was on that site for an hour and 15 minutes.

Made $225. Simple cross connect, talk to tech support,

configure a port on a switch,

test the device, make sure it’s online, done.

Sometimes the jobs can be really simple and pay very, very well.

The purpose of showing you example service calls like this is so that you can see what working as an I.T. field tech looks like. I want to remove the fear of the unknown for you. My goal with Field Tech Academy is to help aspiring technicians see what they can do and to help experienced technicians have higher performance. If you got value today from what I shared, please, like the video and subscribe to the channel so that you can learn more about how to be an independent field tech.

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