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In this video I show an example service call where I installed an Eye Click projector by Beam. This is an interactive floor display and is a lot of fun to play with. This is something you can do as an freelance information technology field tech.

Equipment featured in the video:


LED Headband:

Gripple Express Hanger (Make sure you’re sitting down)

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Video Transcript:

Have you ever seen one of those interactive floor displays where you can walk and play a game with your feet?
That is something called Beam and Obie by Eye Click.
Recently I had an install to put one of these in.
At the end of the video, I’ll show you the actual gameplay as we’re doing some testing.
Let’s get into it.
This is Michael with Field Tech Academy.
Supposedly, this was a one man job.
As you’ll see in the video, realistically, this needs to be a two man job. So if you ever take one of these, factor that into the pay and make sure you’ve got a helper with you.
Here. I’m installing some cable hangers. When I first arrived on site, I found out that the ceiling was completely cement and there was nothing to tie off my cables to.
But fortunately,
the guy had this powder activated Hilti tool.
So here’s a video from Hilti showing how this thing works.
This guy literally climbed up on the ladder and took four shots with this thing and mounted our brackets very easily.
If I had tried to do this myself with the hammer drill and the masonry bit, that would have taken me a lot more time.
So once he got those brackets in, then all I had to do was take these wire hangers… which I found out later are actually custom made by this vendor. You can’t actually buy what I’m using in this video.
These are the custom ones that beam actually ships out. Again, these are not available to the public.
These snap hooks are the closest match that I could find to what I was using.
I’ll put the Amazon link in the description of the video.
That way you can order these if you need them. But if you do the Beam Click install, they should include their custom ones in the packaging.
The other thing, in this kind of situation, when you get both your hands tied up, you’ll notice I’ve got a headlamp on.
Those are really amazing and really comfortable to wear.
I’ll put a link to that headband in the description of the video. That way you can grab some of those from Amazon if you’d like as well.
Here’s kind of a close up of what their custom ones look like. You can see on theirs they’ve got, like, a little longer release on them. It’s the same principle. You run the wire up one side and there’s your release.
Allows you to pull it back out if you need to.
Run it through the anchor. Of course I had to make sure I had the ratchet on the one side before I ran it through the anchor. Then I just pull it up to where my hook was close to the ceiling grid where I would need to mount the Eye Click.
So we do have one…we do have one complication. What’s Up? There’s no power or data. Well, the data they told us wireless. Okay, but power. Yeah there should be power up there.
I do see a box right here, but it’s not terminated.
Yeah. Check this out. Oh. Oh, no! I don’t think they finished. You need a plug, right? I need a plug above the ceiling.
Now comes the fun part. Trying to mount this by myself.
Which I was going to attempt to do by myself.
You want help? Well, I don’t really know if help is even feasible. Yeah. You know what I mean?
Let’s see…
way. My gosh.
You got
some height on me buddy.
Fortunately both of the guys on site decided to step in and help me make sure we drop and destroy this thing.
Oh, my God. We’ll
take out the sprinkler.
Of course when you’re putting this in, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got that mirror pointing to the right place on the floor at the right angle. It can be adjusted but it still has to be oriented the right way.
So this unit is too heavy for it to actually sit on the grid by itself. And it’s slightly smaller than the grid so it could have easily slipped through the grid and fallen to the ground.
Oh… Do you want me to jack your ladder around? With both of us on it? Yeah. We’ll jump and you move the ladder.
Right there. Right there. So did you. Are you doing okay? Oh, yeah. I got a good armrest.
Ok good. You’re like the perfect height from your from your elbow to your… I can just rest while I hold it. That’s pretty amazing.
I will just plug this up.
There’s two of them.
Now, this is not supported yet. So, you
know. Don’t drop it. Well, because, yeah,
There’s still slack is what I’m saying. I’m getting the hooks in. Yeah, you’re fine.
Making sure
you knew that that didn’t mean that that’s % good. We’re good guys!
Gah! Why won’t you go in the hole? Go to your home!
Why didn’t you just go home? That’s your home! Are you too good for your home?
Answer me!
There’s no way to see it. Want me to scootch the ladder?
So what does this do? Does this project on the floor? Don’t tell OSHA! It projects on the floor and it’s an interactive thing.
That’s why I’m giving you a little bit of support on this side. Have to go up one more to see it. Oh. Cool. You know, like hungry, hungry hippo. How much do I trust a stranger?
stuff for kids. So it displays on the floor. Don’t turn
We been begging. I’m just trying to relieve some stress off of your ankle. Oh, yeah. There it is. I got that one okay. Got it? Got one yup.
Three of them. We’ll get this one on.
We’re good to let go! Well, I mean, it won’t make it to the floor, I can tell you that. Yeah.
Okay. I’m just making sure.
Oh,Okay, so let’s see what happens. Let’s see if it just… it just needs to stay in place long enough for me to get up there and us move the ladder. Okay. So
Yeah. Yeah it’s actually a little smaller than grid. It’s crazy. I’m going to have to let off some tension so I’ll actually sit on it.
Otherwise it’s going to move.
Since we don’t have any permanent power, we did need to hook it up to test and configure it. So the guys brought in an extension cord, and I did a temporary connect just so we can at least get it to turn on and display on the floor and get it configured.
So here I did the little latch releases to bring down the door which gives you access to the adjustments. So this is the point where I can actually adjust the mirror to where it’ll reflect at the right place on the floor.
Pretty much. It is a computer in the… in the ceiling.
There’s a couple of little screws.. tabs on each side.
You just release those.
Sweet. Oh Yea! That’s perfect. We’re going to have to bumper pad the wall.
I mean you
have chair rails. I mean, isn’t that a enough?
So here’s where we’re starting to see the display on the floor. Starting to boot up to get it ready for configuration.
It’ll focus?
Get the baby!
And as you can see there at the bottom, there’s several games available.
Step one is to get on the internet. So we hopped on their guest Wi-Fi.
CHIS Guest. That right there is the guest one? Yeah, the guest one.
Can you move back? Yep.
There’s also adjustment for focus. So I got up and I focused that a little bit.
We were able to read it on the floor much better. As you can see it’s very, very clear. Even on a carpeted floor.
Man! Wow! Sweet!
So I say it should work really well. It’s literally five feet from it.
Cody. Yeah. Right. Okay. What’ll be funny is if, like, the other…
Next we were able to adjust the keystone because it was shooting at an angle.
It was coming in without the square to it. So we were able to actually expand out the keystone and make it more square.
Change the trapezoid. Oh, wow. Yeah. So cool.
Yeah. Just like that.
Looks pretty good.
It got stuck. It’s still going.
Yeah. It got stuck on you there. Turd muffin!
Like, why is it moving?
Keep going, keep going.
Right about there is your sweet spot. It’s pretty close. Yeah.
I can hop in real quick and then you should be good to go.
Then I contacted tech support and he did a remote session into the unit and walked me through the remaining settings to configure this.
So they don’t have permanent power. Right now we’re on an extension cord, but they… the facilities guys are going to come and put a power cord in for us.
Now the site started laying down some of that um padded flooring. So the uh… so you’ll see that the shot kind of looks odd there at the top and that’s because they started putting the flooring in there.
Normally this would be a very uniform look.
camera. We’ll try and have you play a game.
Yeah. Square or a rectangle? I can’t tell from the camera side on our end. Uh, it’s a rectangle. Rectangle? Okay. I didn’t know if we would have to play with the keystones or anything. Well yeah. I already kind of worked with the keystones. I mean, I don’t know, I don’t know how perfect it is, but it’s decent. Gotcha.
And we’re loading up this game right now, Balloons. The idea is to just, step on the balloons and pop them. Ummm just want to make sure the sounds and interactions working well and then we’re all set. All right. Get a bunch of grown-ups in here playing. Oh, it works. Oh this is cool. Yeah, hearing sound and interaction.
Oh, this is so fun. Interactions good.
You want us to do it again or are you…? Are we supposed to do it again? Looks like we’re all set here. Okay. All that’s left to do is fill out that form there. And, upload the rest of the pictures and we’re all set. All right, sounds good. Yup. Thank you Sir.
That’s an example of another type of service call that you can encounter on Field Nation and WorkMarket. It’s not really technically hard to do, but you do have to have a little bit of skill set for mounting it into a ceiling grid and make sure it’s supported correctly.
if you have value today. Please like the video and subscribe to the channel so I can keep making content like this and sharing example service calls and other tips and tricks in the independent contracting market.
As always, let’s get you out in the field making money.
I’ll see you in the next video.

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