Field Nation Technician List Leaked! | Is My Data Safe? Field Nation Official Notification Discussed

In this video I discuss a list of all Field Nation providers being posted to Reddit.

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Video Transcript:

00:00:00:00 – 00:00:02:25
My name is Michael with Field Tech Academy
and in today’s video,

00:00:02:25 – 00:00:05:16
we’re going to be talking
about a potential Field Nation leak,

00:00:05:16 – 00:00:15:34
what it means to you
and whether it really was a leak or not.

00:00:15:39 – 00:00:18:59
The other day I get on Reddit,
somebody has posted that

00:00:19:06 – 00:00:22:51
the providers list
has been leaked out onto the web.

00:00:22:54 – 00:00:24:12
Naturally, I was a little concerned.

00:00:24:12 – 00:00:26:47
So Field Nation calls
all the technicians providers.

00:00:26:47 – 00:00:31:35
A list was leaked and a post was made
on Reddit that this list was out there.

00:00:31:35 – 00:00:34:06
And I went and downloaded this list
out of curiosity.

00:00:34:06 – 00:00:35:00
And sure enough,

00:00:35:00 – 00:00:39:01
I scroll through the list
and there’s my name and my city and state.

00:00:39:01 – 00:00:41:04
So was Field Nation actually hacked?

00:00:41:04 – 00:00:42:41
No, according to Field Nation.

00:00:42:41 – 00:00:43:37
And when I pulled down

00:00:43:37 – 00:00:48:05
that list and looked at it, fortunately
it did not have any technicians

00:00:48:05 – 00:00:51:36
phone numbers, any personal information
like Social Security numbers.

00:00:51:36 – 00:00:55:15
But it did have first or last names, city
states, things like that.

00:00:55:15 – 00:00:57:18
So there was some information out there.

00:00:57:18 – 00:00:58:53
So where did this information come from?

00:00:58:53 – 00:01:03:41
Well, this is the official email from
Field Nation that explains what happened.

00:01:03:41 – 00:01:04:57
Field Nation has buyers.

00:01:04:57 – 00:01:07:26
Those are the people
that put the tickets on Field Nation.

00:01:07:26 – 00:01:09:59
Apparently a buyer got on Field Nation

00:01:09:59 – 00:01:13:42
like they’re authorized to do
and pulled down a provider list.

00:01:13:44 – 00:01:17:42
What they’re not authorized to do
is to post that list on the internet

00:01:17:43 – 00:01:18:52
and someone did.

00:01:18:52 – 00:01:21:12
Now, according to this email,
they got their hand slapped,

00:01:21:12 – 00:01:23:00
they got suspended from the platform,

00:01:23:00 – 00:01:26:22
and Field Nation
has reviewed their security footage

00:01:26:22 – 00:01:30:43
and they are claiming
that no one actually hacked the site.

00:01:30:45 – 00:01:34:03
This was a normal usage of their website

00:01:34:03 – 00:01:37:30
by a buyer,
but it was just an unauthorized usage.

00:01:37:30 – 00:01:40:06
You know,
the buyers are not allowed to go on there

00:01:40:06 – 00:01:44:15
and pull this information and number one
and not allowed to go around Field Nation.

00:01:44:16 – 00:01:45:03
And number two,

00:01:45:03 – 00:01:45:37
they’re not supposed

00:01:45:37 – 00:01:48:50
to post this information out there
on the worldwide Web for all to see.

00:01:48:52 – 00:01:51:41
So the Post has been removed from Reddit.
Can’t see it any longer.

00:01:51:41 – 00:01:55:10
It doesn’t look like anything
genuinely personal was found.

00:01:55:10 – 00:01:57:27
Although if you have somebody whose first
and last name

00:01:57:27 – 00:02:00:21
and their city, state and zip,
you can probably find them.

00:02:00:21 – 00:02:02:09
But it’s probably nothing to lose
sleep over.

00:02:02:09 – 00:02:05:11
But I just wanted you to be aware of
what was going on, just in case

00:02:05:11 – 00:02:08:27
you had heard rumors of this or found out
that this had happened on your own,

00:02:08:27 – 00:02:10:13
You at least have a clearer picture

00:02:10:13 – 00:02:12:28
of what happened
in case you didn’t receive this email.

00:02:12:28 – 00:02:15:59
I think as far as we can see right now
that our data is secure.

00:02:15:59 – 00:02:19:30
Field Nation also claims in this email
that they don’t sell our information

00:02:19:30 – 00:02:20:13
to other people.

00:02:20:13 – 00:02:22:22
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00:02:22:22 – 00:02:23:51
video and subscribe to the channel.

00:02:23:51 – 00:02:24:54
I have a lot of other videos

00:02:24:54 – 00:02:28:48
that talk about how to use Field Nation,
how to use WorkMarket, and just generally

00:02:28:48 – 00:02:33:39
how to understand this third party
marketplace and these companies where

00:02:33:39 – 00:02:37:06
you can get service work and make a living
being an independent field tech.

00:02:37:08 – 00:02:38:05
I’ll see you in the next video.

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