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In this video, I’m starting a video series on the platform called Work Market. If you want to see how to sign up as a technician on Work Market, this video is the place to start. You can make thousands of dollars a year as an independent information technology field tech!

I have been in the freelance IT tech industry since 2000, on Field Nation since 2010, and on Work Market since 2011. Field Tech Academy wants to give you the secrets of 20+ years of experience how you can succeed as an Independent IT Field Tech.

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Work Market

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Michael with Field Tech Academy.

In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about WorkMarket.

I’ve put together a playlist on the Field Tech Academy YouTube channel

that’s going to cover

different aspects of WorkMarket

from signing up

to general

overview of the platform

to bidding on jobs

and to the process of completing jobs and getting paid.

In this video we’re going to cover

signing up

for WorkMarket.

If you’re not familiar with WorkMarket, it is a Web based platform where


and technicians

come together


send and receive service calls.

WorkMarket is just the middleman.

They are the referee.

When there are disputes.

They do not generate their own work orders.

All of that is

generated from the buyer side

and the technicians bid on jobs


perform them and then get paid for doing them.

If you’re familiar with Field Nation,

WorkMarket is very similar.

And Field Nation and WorkMarket are the top two platforms.

If you want to sign up for WorkMarket, you’re going to go to

You’re going to go to the “For Workers” section.

That’s because you want to be a technician. You’re not going to be a buyer.

Once you select that, you’re going to have the option to sign up

and it is free to sign up for WorkMarket.

WorkMarket has apps for Apple and Android,

but we’re going to do this through browser.

To sign up,

fill out this form.

Obviously, you have to agree to the terms. Notate that you’re not a robot. You’re going to do “Create my account”.

If you already have an active account, then you’re going to get this error message that says email address you entered is already in use

so you’ll need to go do a password reset and get into your existing account.

Once you submit form, they’re going to send a confirmation email to you that you’re going to need to click on.

You’re just going to select “Confirm”.

And once you click your confirm email, it’s going to take you to complete your

profile information.

Enter your phone number.

You can go ahead and upload a profile photo at this point. I would recommend uploading a profile photo. You want a good, clear photo that has basically a head shot from chest up.

want to be smiling in the photo.

You want to have your hair combed because this is a photo that all the buyers are going to see.

So you want to present professionally.

So I would take a little bit of time and make sure that you get a good high resolution photo.

At this point and you can adjust your photo so that it fits better into the frame.

Realistically, you just want as much of your head shot as possible.

When you take the photo, you want to have

chest up.

Because you need to have room for the crop.

So you don’t want to actually take the photo really tight. You want to take the photo a little further away

so you’ve got more room to work with on the crop in the adjustment.

I’m going to save that.

We’re going to continue.

Whatever address you put in is going to determine where you see the most service calls.

This address is also potentially going to be used by buyers to ship parts to you.

And you want make sure this is a location where

you can receive parts.

A lot of times I will have used a

UPS store.

There were times that I would go to another city

and I would do service calls, so I would look up the local UPS store and I would use that address

during that time, when I was traveling,

Now you’ll notice that

the system wants to


your address and auto enter the city, state and zip.

So you want to be aware of that and put in your correct address.

I’m just picking a random address that I know exists.

This is not my address, so don’t send me mail.

Once you’ve entered your address, then you’ll hit continue.

This is where you’re going to put in

what your industry is.

Most of the time for WorkMarket, it’s going to be some sort of I.T.

technology related

type work.

So you want to indicate that on your profile, assuming that is your skill set and your expertise.

So you want to select “Technology and communication” is probably what I would do. Come up with a title.

This is an auto populating field, so it has to match something that’s in their system.

Now they’re asking for your expertise. Most of what is on WorkMarket is I.T. related information technology.

So you want to select something related to that

and you’ll be able to do more drill down after that. They don’t have “information technology”, but they do have “technology and communications”, which is probably going to cover most of what you’re going to see on WorkMarket

Job title.

They’ve got a list

that you can’t see.

So it’s going to select something like a field service tech or something like that.

Once you type the first word, then it shows you options. So I’m just going to say I’m a field service technician and then you can start to select more of your skill sets.

You can free type here.

So for example, if you do structured cabling, you could select that.

So you can free time or you can select some of these default ones.

Computer networking,

I can do cable installation.

I can do wireless devices. You just want to fill this with as many applicable things as possible so that your profile looks stronger.

Once you’ve done that, we’re going to continue.

It’s going to ask you for your tax information.

And of course, you going to select your payment account so that when you complete a job,

they will know where to send the money.

Once your profile is created, you’re going to want to add your tax information.

Basically it’s going to ask you for your first and last name, or if it’s a company, then you can select “as a business” put in your company name and you’ll be able to select your country.

Then you’ll be able to actually use your employer identification number instead of your tax ID

so that all the reporting for taxes

goes against the company

instead of going against your Social Security number.

Most people are going to do individuals you’re going to put in first name, last name,

the country that you’re taxable in, with

your actual address

and this needs to be your home address.

You’re going to enter your Social Security number.

You’re going to

classify yourself.

Submit that.

Then you’re going to want to set up your payment information.

So if you see over here on the left, you’ve got payments, you can go to accounts.

And this is where you will actually add in a new account.

Once your tax information is in,

then you’ll be able to actually go up here, hit new account, and you can add a bank account, you can add a PayPal account,

you can add a cash card. You know, like some people use cash cards instead of bank accounts.

And you can also set up automatic withdrawal.

If you don’t set this up, then you will have to manually

do a withdrawal every time money

hits your account.

I don’t know why somebody would want to manually transfer the money because it might hit and you forget about it and it sits there for a week.

I set up mine for automatic withdrawal.

There’s no extra fee for it.

That way the money will just automatically go to your bank as soon as a buyer releases payment on a ticket.

That covers the basics of how to sign up for WorkMarket as a technician.

Next, we’re going to talk about just a basic orientation on the site.

Explaining the different sections and prepping you for your freelance i.t tech journey.

My goal with Field Tech Academy is to help aspiring technicians see what they can do and to help experienced technicians have higher performance. If you got value today from what I shared, please like the video and subscribe to the channel so that you can learn more about how to be an independent field tech. Don’t forget to check out our website at

I offer one on one coaching as well as some other products that can accelerate your quest to become self-employed as a technician. As always, let’s get you out in the field making money. I’ll see you in the next video.

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