Field Nation Skillset & Equipment Lists


When you’re updating your Field Nation profile, their site requires that you manually type (or copy and paste) every skillset and piece of equipment one at a time!  Their site doesn’t give you a list to choose from so you literally have to know the actual words.


These two downloadable lists will make your life much easier.  With over 290 skillsets and 81 pieces of equipment in an Excel spreadsheet, it is ready to copy and paste directly into your profile on Field Nation.


These are lists from my profile based on my skillsets and equipment so you need to adjust it to match your personal skillset and tools.


Click Here to Combine and Save!  Get 10% off when you buy all four: Field Nation Skillset List, Field Nation Equipment List, Full Tool Loadout List, and Organizer Layouts


For more details on how I set up my Field Nation profile to be attractive to buyers, watch the video below:



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