Use Cheap Vehicles for Service Calls

Use a cheap vehicle for service calls instead of wearing out your nice primary vehicle. You’ll have more functionality and lower insurance costs.

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Video Transcript:

This is Michael with Field tech Academy.

One of the things that I do,

I spend money


it needs to be spent,

and I save money where

it doesn’t need to be spent.

I buy



that I can use for work orders,

and I don’t use my primary vehicle.

For example, this is a Kia Sedona.

This vehicle is almost ten years old

and has over 175,000 miles on it.

I was able to buy this van for cash

for about $3,500.

Now I can run the wheels off of this van

and it’s not going to stress me out.

Minivans are typically cheaper

and very versatile

and you have plenty of room for your tools.

The other benefit of running a cheap vehicle,

the insurance is cheaper.

I only keep liability on this.

If for some reason something crazy happens, I’m only losing $3,500.

I have found that the Kia Sedona vans are cheaper than almost any other van,

and I have a preference for the foreign made vehicles. They seem to last longer.

The bottom line is I’m just trying to

preserve my capital

so that I can spend it on the things that are important, like tools.

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