Why Techs Need General Liability Insurance | Stop Paying Field Nation GL Fees | For ALL Your Clients

If you are an independent contractor, small business, or an IT Tech working on Platforms like Field Nation, WorkMarket, or CloudWork Pro, you may need something called General Liability insurance. Without it, you may not be able to work with many clients/customers that require it.

In this video, I am showing a portion of an interview Michael Trupia, an agent with County Financial. We introduce the basics of commercial coverages you need to protect yourself, your business, your assets, and fulfill your customer’s requirements.

See the full video here: https://youtu.be/o2xj1rPXYEs

If you are working on Field Nation, you’ve noticed a fee for General Liability insurance. You can obtain your own policy and avoid the Field Nation fees.

Michael Trupia can help you with your insurance needs in multiple states. For exact details, contact him below:

Michael Trupia
Country Financial
7136 S Yale Ave Ste 218
Tulsa, OK 74136

Office phone:


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Video Transcript:

if you’re a small business or an independent contractor,

general liability insurance is a very important step and sometimes a required step to do work for others.

If you don’t know what general liability insurance is,

Today’s video is a segment of an interview I did with Michael Truby of Country Financial.

if you prefer to watch the interview in its entirety, I will be posting that as well.

Let’s get into it.

let’s first of all talk just kind of basics for those who may not know that are watching,

what is general liability insurance? How does it work?

general liability is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the general

activities that you can be exposed to. So it’s not professional liability. It wouldn’t be anything that say,

medical doctor having a malpractice


This is general liability exposure. So your slip and falls, your accidents, your I destroyed a customer’s wall installing something.

This is liability to protect

bringing you either to a job site or customers coming to your,

office or general location to provide liability for the what it’s of now dealing with customers.

several years ago I had a technician

who was in a multi-story


and he was in the attic

and they had spray foam all in the attic

and they had PVC pipe for,



So it was all covered up

and it was laying


the studs. And so he was walking the studs and he stepped around that plastic and it just snapped off and just started gushing water.

then he gets out of the attic, which takes time

and gets down to the manager. The manager doesn’t know how to cut off the water for the building.

So it takes


to an hour before they get the water off of that building. And so by then, the water had made its way down multiple floors, ruined multiple rooms,

and my general liability insurance

saved my bacon on that one.

most often

for business owners, the things that wind up happening are events that they never saw coming,


through an attic and stepping on a water pipe and flooding, You know, so when they’re asking what is it for?

our competitors do a good job with some of the commercials. When you have

all states have


farmers does some things where you know, showing

random obscure accidents that take place.


more often

than not, it’s that so when people are asking what is it for,

we give a general term of it, but there’s going to be something as a business owner on a random Wednesday morning, you’re going to get a phone call from either one of your technicians or an employee or customer, and something very random and uncomfortable has happened.

and you think, wow, you would have never have thought that’s what you needed your coverage for. But at the end of the day, that’s what saved them.

So I think that a lot of my viewers are single operators, just one guy that is working maybe part time or trying to get to full time or maybe working full time by themselves.

So is general liability insurance pretty easy to obtain for an individual like that?

It is.

Something that I always see is that especially for contract



it almost seems like they get the insurance last,

someone’s requiring it in order for you to do your job and they want to see that certificate. And then it’s like, yes, the insurance.

So you mentioned certs and for those of you who may not know what that is, it’s a certificate of insurance.

So explain

what a certificate of insurance is and how that applies when you’ve got multiple clients.

So a certificate of insurance is just like your auto insurance verification card in your car. The only thing is, is that it’s coming from the insurance company

you may have a client that you’re getting ready to go do work for.

And that person wants to know that you have that general liability. I’m going to let you come into my business or you’re going to work with my customers, or we’re going to work together at some capacity before you enter this building or a customer’s building or wherever your work may go. We need to know you have insurance.

So it’s an insurance verification and it’s going to have

the client’s customer name and address on that certificate. So now the person that’s hired you now has the peace of mind of knowing that this is an active policy. I can see the coverages all on the certificate.

it’ll show your limits and it’ll list your customer as the certificate holder so they know that you have the right coverage to do the job.

So let’s say we’ve got an individual that has no commercial


history and they’re starting from scratch. And it’s just a single guy going out and doing field work like what we do, where he’s running cabling,

replacing computerized parts,

mounting TVs, things like that.

just as a general ballpark,

so people have an understanding

what would they look at in terms of a monthly rate for general liability insurance for, you know, one or $ million?

That’s a great question. So, you know, you would think that your coverage premiums are going to be based off of what is the insurance company covering.

if you don’t have a lot of tools and equipment, maybe it’s only five, $, of coverage

to cover your

equipment, your business, personal property,

the job location, as well as maybe some office equipment at your office,

maybe it might not seem like

the premium should be much you know, I’d say on average a start up policy for

this type of business

starting off

could just be as little as $, a year, dollars a year or something like that.

when I set up my policy, you and your agency gave me counsel to say, hey, you know, you need to cover these particular items because these are

areas of risk

you know, I’ve got the tools in the van.

We’re traveling to sites we’re carrying, equipment that doesn’t belong to us.

On top of the fact that there’s just the general liability of somebody trips on one of our ladders while we’re at the site and things like that. And I think you guys really helped me with that.

There’s always a difference in cost versus value.

Yeah, it’s % correct

the hardest client to help is the one you don’t know much about. And if you don’t know much about them and they don’t know much about you, inevitably we get to the end and something now just doesn’t work

clients always think

they have all the coverages they need the day they filed the claim, and then they’re surprised when the

claims adjuster says, well, you didn’t have this coverage. What do you mean? I thought I had everything. Well,

we got to spend a little time getting to know one another and making sure you have exactly what you need.

And we know what your business is and you know what you have.

So the sense that I’m getting overall is relationship relationship. Relationship

It is.

I feel like you offer a lot of value.

Country Financial’s obviously a national company in the United States here,

if one of my viewers wanted to explore getting insurance, is that something that they can come to you for, or would they need to speak to someone in the national office

now? Definitely reach out to me If it’s not in the state that I can do business in, I can get you directed with a contact or a local agent in that area

Well, I’ve found that Mr. Trivia has been an amazing agent and amazing agency, so I would personally recommend that you give him a

call. Well, thank you. At least

give him a chance for your business.

Well, again, Mr. Trippi, I appreciate you taking the time to visit with us and give us some education on general liability insurance,

I think this will help my viewers to be able to make better informed decisions,

That’s perfect, great service, great platform. And

I appreciate getting to work with you.

Thank you, sir. Have a good one. Thank you

If you would like to contact Mr. Trippier

to see if he can provide you general liability insurance, I will include all of his contact information in the description of the video.

If you’d like to connect with me,

you can go to my website at Field Tech Academy dot com.

offer one on one coaching and some downloads that can help you with your field, nation and work market profiles.

I also have a direct client package that is available for purchase

that can greatly expand your income opportunities in the independent contracting IT field.

As always, let’s get you out in the field making money.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Great informative video on liability insurance, It covers legal fees, medical expenses, and settlements or judgments, providing a vital safety net that helps businesses manage risks and maintain financial stability.

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