Algo Paging Adapter Install | $100/HR Service Call Example | Make Money as an Onsite IT Field Tech

In this video I show an example service call where I installed an Algo Paging Adapter and connected it to their existing Bogen 60 Watt Amp (BG-TPU60B). This is something you can do as an freelance information technology field tech.

Link to the completed ticket:

Equipment featured in the video:

Bogen 60 Watt Amp – BG-TPU60B

Algo 8301 PoE IP Voice Paging Adapter with Audio Streaming & Bell Scheduler

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Video Transcript:

in today’s call, we are installing an Algo paging amplifier.

Matrix MDI, this is Mike.

Hey, this is Michael. I’m calling from


Yeah. I’m here to install the Algo.

Okay. And are you in the equipment room? I am.

Yeah, so we have we got some engineers on the bridge that will help you walk through, identify, you know, the existing

adapter and what we need to do to get that replaced and tested. Okay.


get into the bridge.

I’m going to connect to the conference bridge and they’re going to explain to us how they want it done.

Hi, Michael.

How are you guys?

Good, good.

All right. So you got the adapter and you ready to go? Yes, sir.

So we got to find




What we’re doing is

trying to find

the paging amp,

and we’re going to put this


that you’re


between the paging amp

and the network.

All right.

So the paging amp should be a Bogen. Yep. I see a Bogen.

And then it has probably

two sets

of wires coming out with one of them going out to

the speakers.


would be the 70 volt side.

And then one that goes

into the paging and

eventually for the network


depending on which

model you’re on,

it either


tip and ring or it’s just like telephone


All right. Are you on a 15?

There’s different sizes. We’ve run into 15, 60, 100 that we’ve seen so far.

It says model TPU 60-bravo. 60 watt. Ok.. the… I think is the bigger one where it says telephone. It’s like right in the middle of the pins, like six and seven.

Does that look like what you’ve got?

Trying to look for the pins.

There might be a cover over them.


The bigger ones have…

I just trying to see what the labels are on them.

All right. So yeah, telephone tip and ring.

I’ve got a 70 volt,

a com, and a ground.

That tip and ring one is

the ones

we’re going to try to reuse. So if you trace those where they go,

probably going to hit



and then a,

like an ATA


We’re going to free those

wires up

and those are going to get moved on

to the Algo that you


Am I putting the

Algo… because this is on the


away from the rack.

So we’re going to put the Algo on the wall close to this or do we need to be closer to the rack equipment?

Well, let’s find the other half

of what we need to


the other

portion we need to get to is network


to connect

to the


And the network we’re trying to replace is right now on an Edgewater


there’s two parts I suppose you can


The switch stack would be one way to go

and it’s going to switch one, port one.

That patch cable goes to the Edgewater

on its port four.

We’re trying

to get the


to be in that switch one.

So depending on how far away that is, how long your patch cords are, I think that’s how we’re going to decide.

I found a switch labeled switch one.

So hopefully that traces over to this


actually have a switch in the rack that’s still labeled switch one

and is not powered up. So that kind of cause some confusion, but found a different switch that’s labeled switch one that’s powered up

and is going to port four of a gray

box, which I’m going to assume is the Edgewater.

We don’t want that to be connected anymore.

so I’m going to remove it from the Edgewater side.

And that’s what we’re going to plug our Algo into.

We have all these sites mounted to the wall

Got the patch cable. It’ll reach. So I’m getting ready to put the mount on the wall here, So we’ll have that.

So are we taking the Bogen completely out of the equation or we’re just putting this in between?


We’re going to go network to Algo to Bogen.

What is getting taken out is probably a Viking and, uh


Yeah, I haven’t seen that. Unless it’s in the rack.

All those wires that went from the tip and ring go somewhere. So those wires, once we free those up on the Bogen, you’ll probably find whatever’s feeding this thing.

The network is out of the Edgewater, right?

Yeah. So we can turn that port on?

yeah, yeah. Okay.

And can you tell us once it’s patched into the Algo too because there’s some lights we’ll check with you.

I’ve got it patched in.

Guys, I’m… one of these wires off the Bogen… the tip and ring is going into another room, so I’m going to go run and look at that. I’m wondering if that might be

like a phone room or something. Yeah, maybe.

Kind of at that point, I don’t think we really care because you can just run yourself a

new little cross connect just from the line out of the Algo just to that tip and ring in the Bogen and to call it a day. You know, we really don’t care. Okay.

I turned that port on so you should see the Algo power up.

So we’re going to be going into the tip and ring on the Bogen.

Well, I

think on the 60 it’s called something slightly different. Let me look quick.

Because the speaker side, basically we’re not messing with the speaker side?

Speakers we’re leaving alone.

That’s the last thing in the



It’s in the middle. It’s Tela.. TEL.

Yeah. It says TEL and I’ve got a T&R on them. So that’s what we’re going to run in the Algo?


And the speaker side we’re effectively not messing with?

Right. Okay.

The only thing speaker that we might

adjust would be the volume on that amplifier if it’s too loud or too quiet, that’s about it.

And the volume is that twister that says TEL volume.

So I just need to cut enough of that wire to reach

the Algo.

And there’s a little tiny screwdriver in the box to work with those Algo connectors.

Well that’s just too easy.

We’re trying to make these smooth.

I don’t… I don’t like it if it’s not hard. That’s no fun. (unknown) where were… Mike, let’s send him to the place we were yesterday.

Yeah that one took awhile.

Yeah they had ones… The horns were stuffed with newspaper.


Duct tape…

All right, so I’ve got a “SIP” light on the Algo. Just the one, right? Yeah. Perfect. That’s what we want to see. Okay. And then on my Phoenix


What am I… what connectors I’m going to be using on the Phoenix for that tip and ring

going to the Bogen?

You’re using the “out”. It says… “line out”?

Yeah, “Line Out”.

So these are Phoenix plugs. On Phoenix plugs you’ll just strip your conductors down. (background conversation) We’ll strip these down. We’ll actually insert them into the Phoenix plugs. And there are screw terminals on the top and so we’ll actually stick the cable, the conductors in here, and then we’ll screw them down and tighten. And then this plugs directly into the Algo.

This is a typical audio video thing. So if you haven’t seen this before, these are Phoenix plugs.

And these are keyed so that

you can’t put them in wrong.

They only go a certain way. In this case they’re actually labeled, which is pretty rare. Most of the time they’re just blank. You just have to look at the pinout on the device and match it up to the pinout on the plug.

But in this case,

they’re already labeled.

Alright guys, I got those…

Got that plugged into the line.

All right. What’s next? So now we can either… we’re going to test. We can either test from here

and I guess we’re going to do that but I think you should go

probably back in the warehouse that’s what I typically been here.

Or you can ask one of the employees to test. Okay. I suppose maybe you should notate the code just in case we need you to. The code or how you do it is you pick up a phone and in their case their phones are on their computers and they dial

867-5 3 0 9

at this site.

And then you hear a tone from the paging and then you talk.

And whatever you talk after that tone is what comes out.

Testing, testing.

Okay, so speakerphone is probably not the best way to do that.

Yeah, maybe not, but it sounded pretty good.

Yeah. Was it a

little loud or was it ok? I mean, it was fairly loud.

“TEL” volume…

So we are at…

So we’re at 1 o’clock so maybe if I go to 11 o’clock. I don’t know if that’s substantial enough? Ten – eleven. So ten? Ok, “TEL” volume… ten. All right.

(Tone) This is

a test


Four, five. Wow. That’s really too quiet.

All right then go to noon I guess. And I did not hear you at all.

So… You were at 1 o’clock before?



makes a big difference. Yeah, I’m


it made that much of a difference.

All right. So I’m going to noon.


is a test



two, three,

four, five.


pretty loud

isn’t it?

And that’s not too loud?

That’s not too loud. Okay.

I think we’re good on volume.

All right. I think we’re good, then. Well, you can, if you need to tidy up any of your mounting, fine, but uh… Yeah, I got to do that.

I’ve got to cable manage. I just dangled it for the moment.

Appreciate it. All right. Thank you, guys.

And just like that, we’ve installed a paging adapter. Pretty simple. Tech support walked us through the entire process.

All you had to do was have basic understanding of cabling, cable management,

and comprehension of what they were talking about with plugs and connectors and tracing out specific spots.

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