What would it mean to you to have direct national clients that offered on-site service calls like Field Nation and WorkMarket do? 

I make MORE money from my direct clients than I do with Field Nation and WorkMarket COMBINED!

**My direct client package is only for techs in the United States and should not be purchased by technicians in other countries***

What is in my client list?

(Even more added after this video was published!)

This sale is going to end soon as I add more content to the package so get it before it goes up!  All purchases at this price will have access to updated material for one year as it is added.



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If you don’t earn at least $500 in 90 days I will refund your full purchase price.

The Direct Client Package includes all the following items:

  • Full Premium Client List with updates for one year whenever I locate a new client (last updated 5/6/2024)
    • 5 Unvetted Clients (we have not personally worked with them)
    • 31 Vetted Clients We Have Worked With and Trust
    • 2 Paid Directories You Can Use to Bid on Projects and Service Tickets
    • 4 Platform Style Clients Like Field Nation (and including Field Nation)
    • 7 Preferred Platform Buyers that pay great and offer preferred technician programs
  • Exclusive Video Content Explaining the Client List in Detail
  • One 30 minute virtual Q&A session with Michael Firey to go over the Direct Client Package and how to get started.
  • Exclusive Video training for some of the direct client apps, websites, and procedures
  • Onboarding & procedural paperwork for clients that don’t use website sign ups.
  • Direct Client Contact Details
    • Contact information of the department that handles new tech onboarding
    • Website addresses to join the web-based clients
    • Client’s insurance requirements
    • Client’s payment terms
    • Typical Pay Rates of the clients
    • Billing Methods
    • Blank Contracts and Service Agreements for the non-web based Clients
  • Field Nation Skill Set Spreadsheet
  • Field Nation Equipment Spreadsheet
  • Printable Supply Organizer Layouts
  • Full Loadout List of Tools and Supplies
  • Detailed income report showing what we earned from each client from 2019-2023
  • One year of free updates.  If we find new clients, we’ll notify you via email
  • One year of free email support.
  • 25% off coaching services

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The list of over 30 clients includes any clients for which I made at least $1,000 or more over the 3 year period from 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2022.  I will include a few bonus clients from which I made less than $1,000 over the 3 year period because they may be more active in your area or be more active in the future than they were in the past.  I will also provide you with a list of other clients which I have not actually worked with but are aware of. Some clients have more work in different parts of the United States and may be better suited for you than they were in my area.

Keys to Success:

  • Contact and fill out contracts for each client (or fill out profiles on their respective websites)
  • Purchase General Liability Insurance and obtain COI’s (Certificates of Insurance) with coverages that meet the clients minimum requirements
  • Be available to do service calls, at minimum, during the hours of Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm (your local time).
  • Your service coverage area should have a population of 100,000 or more residents

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  • Refund requests will only be considered 90 days after your purchase and no more than 120 days after your purchase
  • You must show proof that you obtained the General Liability Insurance required by these clients (copies of COI’s)
  • Screenshots of online profiles or contracts showing you signed up for at least the top 10 clients in the list
  • You must have been available for service calls during normal business hours M-F, 8am-5pm
  • Earnings are classified as invoiced / completed work and not payments received.  Clients may pay 30-60 days after work completion.
  • Your coverage area must include a population of at least 100,000 people.
  • Requests for refund should be sent through the contact us form at https://fieldtechacademy.com/contact-us/

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  The freelance IT industry is constantly changing so you may make more or less money than I did with this client list. My revenue includes work completed by employee technicians so your results may differ.