ATT Circuit Upgrade | $160 in 1 hour | Onsite Call Example | Make money as a Freelance IT Technician

In this video, I’m showing an example of an onsite service call where I made $160 for one hour of work. This is something you can do as a freelance information technology field tech.

This job was to convert a site from their existing Verizon internet connection to a new, much faster, AT&T Fiber connection. All I had to do was connect the new modem to their existing Silver Peak and test with the client.

Link to the 3 way USB charger I used in the video:

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Video Transcript:

Today I’m doing

a cut over from one circuit to another,
so it’s a pretty basic install.

Just thought I would give you an example
of the type of ticket you might see.

Obviously, we’re at a network rack.

We have a AT&T circuit back here
that we’re going to connect to

and we’re going to call our client
and have them

walk us through what they want done.

You’ll see this

a lot, too, where the client support
will tell you exactly what they want done.

It’s almost idiot proof.


always want photos
taken of equipment, circuits.

A lot of times they want before pictures
and after pictures taken.

We’re here to install a new circuit.

Switch over to the AT&T broadband circuit.

You know,
if you’re doing a circuit extension

or circuit cut over,
you’re looking for existing versus new.

I see something that
might indicate this is AT&T.

You know, in these situations,

your client support
contact is going to know circuit I.D.

numbers and more information about it

than you’re going to know
showing up at the site.

All you really have to do is talk to them

and they’re going to walk you
through those steps.

Your job is really to identify visually
the equipment that they tell you about

and figure out where you’re going,

You know, to
what equipment are you going to connect.

Another thing going to do
when you’re doing

your service calls
all along the way you want to look for

what are the deliverables
that the client’s going to want.

So in this case, they have their own app

and they have a list of things
that they want you to provide.

So the question you might have is

how much does a job like this pay?
Well this particular client is paying me

$ an hour plus $ travel.
So I’m going to make $ for showing up.

If this job is done in less than an hour,
then I made $ in that hour.

Jobs like this are very common,
a very easy to get

if you have the skill set
and the contacts to get them.

So am I going to need to have
my laptop out to configure the router?

And I’m like, okay, barely
And we’ll have to figure out

what piece of equipment in the rack
we’re going to connect to.

When you’re dealing with a rack,

most of these

just press them from one side

and you can squeeze them in a little bit.

I was just opening that up

because I wanted to see where
this cable went from this modem.

It’s going over to this device here.

Just so I kind of already know,

by the time he tells me something.
If that’s going to end up being useful

And honestly with most of these jobs, it’s
a lot of hurry up and wait, which is fine.

You’re getting paid to stand here
so they can take as long as they want.

So we’re in…

So there’s a Lumen, a Verizon. We’re probably

replacing Verizon.

wall at the rack in the room. Place break out

in hall closet
telecom room north of reception desk. So there’s

uh break out box in our room.

I’ve got a circuit ID.
What’s that circuit ID?

Say that number one more time.


That matches a device
that I’ve got on the wall here.

Okay, perfect.

So right now,
there’s a cable connected to that device

that’s going down to switch one.

Okay, let’s disconnect it from switch one. Okay.

All right.


We’re going to pick it up to

is called a Silver Peak. Oh, yeah, I saw that. It’s rack mounted.

Yep, I see it.


let me give you the mac device so I can tell you
where we’re going to plug into it.

It’s probably going to be port

Let me double check.

All right, I’m going to get my cable
ready to route. If you want to go ahead and do that

that’d be great. Thank you for your help. That’s
what I’m here for.

All right so yeah it looks like the
what I’m assuming is maybe a Verizon

it says Level. There’s something
plugged in to your silver peak

in WAN right now.
So that’s probably your existing.

probably under Lumen

WAN or WAN .

Oh, WAN.

Okay. I think that’s Verizon

Yeah. I’m not unplugging anything

until you tell me. All right.

Go ahead and pull that cable out of WAN.

Cable’s out of WAN.
Like I was saying at the beginning,

got in touch with my client on the phone,
their support person.

He identified the modem
which is on the backside,

gave me the serial number
or the identifying circuit number,

so I was able to locate it.

He told me the name of the equipment
that we need to go to,

which I found in the rack.
He gave me the brand name, told me the port number.

Don’t let these racks
and these network closets intimidate

you as long as you can recognize
what people are telling you

and you can follow instructions
and you can be patient, you can do this.

You just don’t mess with things
that don’t apply to you.

You always watch for power connections
on the floor so you don’t unplug things.

So the other thing you want to make sure of
is that you have a charger with you

because you’re gonna be on the phone
for extended periods of time.

So right now is my first call of the day.

My phones already at %.

I made the mistake of not having it
plugged in in my van all the way over.

So which you have a charger with you

The other thing I’d recommend,
get you a ten foot cable.

That way you can…,
because you never know where power

is going to be in relation
to where you need to be.

I also bought one of these Amoner.
It’s Amazon stuff. Three charging ports.

You know in case I’ve got my phone and
my tablet needs charging, things like that.

Ok go ahead and plug that in if you could.


WAN. All right WAN all right.

Got link light, All right,
so we’re reaching the end of the job.

So at this point,
I want to do my deliverables

On this particular client,
they require four photos of completed work.

Didn’t really do much, but of course,
I need to put the cover back on

and put everything tidy things back up.

If you have any cables dangling,
you want to tie them back

up. Make everything look nice,
and then take the pictures.

There’s a device out there called Appneta

can you reboot it?

All right.

Oh, Appneta, yeah.

All right, Pull the power on it.

I have unplugged, re-plugged. Ok looks like we’re good.

All right, Okay.

All right.

Umm if you need to clean up or anything like that go ahead and do it.

If not, you’re good to go.

All right, Very good. I appreciate it. Thank you sir, have a good one.

Have a good one!

right, so now we’re released from site.

Final step is to do your deliverables.

The client requires
the deliverables to pay you,

so you should stay on the clock
and do your deliverables

since it is a requirement. No sense
in either waiting till the end of the day

and spending hours of your night
doing deliverables on your time

or doing them in your van
after you’ve checked out

and you do your deliverables

before you leave site or from your van
before you call the client

to check out. You’re going to say, well,
that’s minutes of time.

minutes of time. Yeah.

but you do that over the course of a week,

that’s over an hour of additional time
you’re getting paid for.

So little tips and tricks.

The purpose of showing you example service
calls like this is so that you can see

what working as an I.T. field tech
looks like.

I want to remove the fear of the unknown
for you.

My goal with Field Tech Academy
is to help aspiring technicians see

what they can do and to help experienced
technicians have higher performance.

Don’t forget to check out our website

I offer one on one coaching
as well as some other products

that can accelerate your quest
to become self-employed as a technician.

As always, let’s get you out in the field
making money.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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