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The most common question I hear people ask is, “Are there other sites like Field Nation or are there other sites like WorkMarket where I can get additional work?” Yes! but most techs won’t tell you about them because they don’t want you competing with them in the marketplace. I’m revealing the secrets!

In this video, Lorenzo Waters of Waters IT Services in Albany, GA explains how the Field Tech Academy Client List has helped him get more work.

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I have been in the freelance IT tech industry since 2000, on Field Nation since 2010, and on Work Market since 2011.

Field Tech Academy gives you the secrets of 20+ years of experience how you can succeed as an Independent IT Field Tech.

Have questions about Field Nation or other platforms or want me to cover something I missed in a video? Feel free to leave me comments and I’ll do my best to help!

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Video Transcript:

00:00:00:00 – 00:00:12:04

Hi. This is technician Lorenzo Waters. I am the owner of Waters Services in Albany, Georgia. I am currently signed up for Field Tech Academy’s

00:00:12:04 – 00:00:15:00

client list, which is

00:00:15:00 – 00:00:16:05

helped me out a lot.

00:00:16:05 – 00:00:31:14

I signed up for the client list because I’ve been a Field two for the last ten years on field nation and work market, and I was trying to find a way to kind of avoid all the charges from the two platforms.

00:00:32:00 – 00:00:36:00

I signed up for the client list and was sent the client list

00:00:36:00 – 00:00:43:09

and I found that there were five vendors in my area that were accepting partners

00:00:43:09 – 00:00:57:08

on their platform that was not field nation or work market. And you can go to these companies direct and receive work orders direct instead of paying the 10% in 5%.

00:00:57:12 – 00:00:59:10

And that really helps

00:00:59:10 – 00:01:25:07

I started maybe 60 days ago. I’ve signed up for five of those companies that were on my list and I am now a partner with all five. I only had a couple of work orders from each one so far, but I can see within the coming months that I will go direct through these partners and not have to use field nation in work market.

00:01:25:07 – 00:01:49:06

And they take all the fees, which is, you know, kind of a drawback of those platforms. So I appreciate your tech academy for kind of helping me out. Like I said, I’ve been ten years in this industry and I was just looking for some some help of improving my business. So and I’m glad I Google that they did.

00:01:49:06 – 00:02:08:06

I did it because it’s still Tech Academy also helps with the tips and and of the trade and the different tool And so that’s been very informative. I ordered a lot of tools of the year the sum of their list so it is a very helpful

00:02:08:06 – 00:02:14:14

place to go for information for your technicians. And I want to thank them for their help and support.

00:02:15:03 – 00:02:16:05

Thank you.

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