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In this video I share tips on how to get a Scissor or Boom Lift Certification as well as some general information that will help you improve your Field Nation and Workmarket profiles.

Lift Certification Link:

Great training videos on Scissor and Boom Lifts:
Extremely detailed safety and usage instructions

Close up instructions on Sky Jack

Close up instructions on controls of Genie

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Video Transcript:

00:00:00:00 – 00:00:03:07
Did you know that if you want to excel
as an independent I.T.

00:00:03:07 – 00:00:06:07
field tech, one of the things
that a lot of the clients are going to

00:00:06:07 – 00:00:11:24
require is a lift certification
for running a scissor or a boom lift.

00:00:11:28 – 00:00:14:49
Hi, my name is Michael and I’m with Field
Tech Academy, and I help technicians

00:00:14:53 – 00:00:18:42
learn how to become independent field
techs in the IT industry.

00:00:18:42 – 00:00:22:27
Let me show you what I found out
about getting a scissor and boom lift

00:00:22:27 – 00:00:31:42
certification and how easy it can be.

00:00:31:47 – 00:00:33:42
I’m also going to include
in the description

00:00:33:42 – 00:00:38:00
three different YouTube video links that
go into a lot more detail and specifics

00:00:38:00 – 00:00:41:20
about how to actually drive and operate
the lift.

00:00:41:30 – 00:00:45:17
The first video link is incredibly detailed
and very educational,

00:00:45:17 – 00:00:48:31
so you understand all the operation
points of the scissor lifts.

00:00:48:31 – 00:00:51:46
The other two links are more specific
to the controls and show

00:00:51:46 – 00:00:54:46
more close up
views of the actual control boxes.

00:00:54:51 – 00:00:58:01
So you really understand
how to make it lift, how to make it lower,

00:00:58:03 – 00:01:00:08
how to make it turn, how to make it drive.

00:01:00:08 – 00:01:01:32
So I would take a look at those links

00:01:01:32 – 00:01:03:35
and hopefully those will help
you as well in your journey

00:01:03:35 – 00:01:06:04
to become certified on a scissor
and boom lift.

00:01:06:04 – 00:01:09:52
Many field nation and market buyers
require a lift certification

00:01:09:52 – 00:01:11:26
to do certain types of jobs.

00:01:11:26 – 00:01:14:27
And there’s a lot of direct clients
that I work with that required it as well.

00:01:14:27 – 00:01:17:38
There’s a very easy way
to obtain a lift certification.

00:01:17:38 – 00:01:21:28
This website I will put a link to it
in the description of the video

00:01:21:28 – 00:01:22:31
so you can jump right to it.

00:01:22:31 – 00:01:24:35
This certification is only $20.

00:01:24:35 – 00:01:25:46
Very affordable way to do it.

00:01:25:46 – 00:01:29:27
if you have never actually driven
a boom or a scissor lift,

00:01:29:27 – 00:01:32:35
then this course is really going
to just be about safety.

00:01:32:35 – 00:01:33:46
If you need to know how

00:01:33:46 – 00:01:38:07
to actually physically drive
a lift, I would really recommend that you get

00:01:38:07 – 00:01:42:03
physically comfortable with a lift
before you attempt to run one yourself.

00:01:42:09 – 00:01:45:03
If you can get a service call as a helper
tech on a job

00:01:45:03 – 00:01:48:27
that requires a scissor lift,
and that’s an even more beneficial way

00:01:48:27 – 00:01:52:01
of having someone that is experienced
in driving a lift.

00:01:52:01 – 00:01:54:31
Show you how it’s done in the real world.

00:01:54:31 – 00:01:56:13
The beauty of getting a scissor lift

00:01:56:13 – 00:01:59:24
is that you’re going to get a certificate.

00:01:59:29 – 00:02:00:29
You’ll be able to use this

00:02:00:29 – 00:02:04:16
same certificate with any buyer,
any client that you have.

00:02:04:16 – 00:02:07:02
You just need to send them
a copy of the certification.

00:02:07:02 – 00:02:10:31
So you’ll spend $20 one time
and it’s good for a year,

00:02:10:31 – 00:02:12:12
and you can share that same certificate

00:02:12:12 – 00:02:14:17
with all of your clients
and all of your buyers.

00:02:14:17 – 00:02:16:01
I hope this information was helpful to you.

00:02:16:01 – 00:02:18:59
If you found value in it,
please like the video and subscribe

00:02:18:59 – 00:02:21:54
to the channel for more information
on how to become an independent

00:02:21:54 – 00:02:23:00
I.T. field tech.

00:02:23:00 – 00:02:25:21
As always, let’s get you out in the field
making money.

00:02:25:21 – 00:02:26:24
I’ll see you in the next video.

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