What is in My Client List?

The most common question I hear people ask is, “Are there other sites like Field Nation or are there other sites like WorkMarket where I can get additional work?” Yes! but most techs won’t tell you about them because they don’t want you competing with them in the marketplace. I’m revealing the secrets!

In this video, I explain my Client List Product which is available for purchase at: https://fieldtechacademy.com/product/full-premium-client-list/

I also have a downloadable skillset and equipment list on my website to help you fill out your Field Nation and Work Market profiles: https://fieldtechacademy.com/shop/

I have been in the freelance IT tech industry since 2000, on Field Nation since 2010, and on Work Market since 2011. Field Tech Academy wants to give you the secrets of 20+ years of experience how you can succeed as an Independent IT Field Tech.

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Video Transcript:

00:00:00:00 – 00:00:02:03
You may
have watched a few of my YouTube videos

00:00:02:03 – 00:00:06:00
or come across my website
and heard me reference my client list.

00:00:06:11 – 00:00:08:04
In today’s video,
we’re going to be talking about

00:00:08:04 – 00:00:11:36
some detail about what is in that list
and why it may benefit you.

00:00:11:43 – 00:00:12:46
My name is Michael Firey

00:00:12:46 – 00:00:16:46
and I am with Field Tech Academy,
and my goal is to help technicians

00:00:16:50 – 00:00:19:47
make more money in this freelance
IT tech industry.

00:00:19:47 – 00:00:29:45
So let’s get right into
what is in my client list.

00:00:29:50 – 00:00:33:23
what exactly does
my client list have in it?

00:00:33:28 – 00:00:36:52
Obviously, it has the names
of these different clients.

00:00:36:56 – 00:00:38:42
I’ve also added some more information.

00:00:38:42 – 00:00:40:29
I put everything together
in a spreadsheet.

00:00:40:29 – 00:00:43:13
Obviously, we going to have the name
of every client that is in the list.

00:00:43:13 – 00:00:47:03
going to have the type, whether they are
a platform like Feel Nation or Work Market

00:00:47:16 – 00:00:48:33
whether they’re a contract client

00:00:48:33 – 00:00:51:56
and that is just
you and them having a contract together.

00:00:52:00 – 00:00:54:50
This column will show you
the lifetime revenue that I’ve generated.

00:00:54:50 – 00:00:58:35
Just to kind of give you perspective
on what I’ve made, to give you an idea

00:00:58:35 – 00:01:00:32
of which ones
you might want to focus on first.

00:01:00:32 – 00:01:03:32
This gives you an idea
of how they send their work orders.

00:01:03:45 – 00:01:07:01
Are they sent by email
or are they on a website?

00:01:07:06 – 00:01:08:08
Are they in an app?

00:01:08:08 – 00:01:09:51
Every client has their own procedure.

00:01:09:51 – 00:01:12:31
The right type
columns are going to go over how they pay.

00:01:12:31 – 00:01:14:03
Some of them are strictly hourly.

00:01:14:03 – 00:01:16:54
Some of them are a mix of flat and hourly.

00:01:16:54 – 00:01:20:16
just gives you an idea of what you can
expect in terms of the types of pay.

00:01:20:20 – 00:01:24:03
The typical pay rate column goes over
what I’ve negotiated

00:01:24:03 – 00:01:26:01
in terms of pay rates with these clients.

00:01:26:01 – 00:01:27:23
Obviously, with a platform, it’s

00:01:27:23 – 00:01:30:39
going to depend on the buyer
that’s putting the ticket on the platform.

00:01:30:44 – 00:01:31:59
I live in the Midwest.

00:01:31:59 – 00:01:35:18
The cost of living here is lower
you know, and I’m not in a massive city

00:01:35:18 – 00:01:38:28
like Dallas or Los Angeles or New York,
those cities.

00:01:38:40 – 00:01:40:09
The cost of living is higher.

00:01:40:09 – 00:01:41:48
The competition is also higher.

00:01:41:48 – 00:01:43:54
So the rates can be different
in different parts of the country.

00:01:43:54 – 00:01:48:33
But at least in my spreadsheet, it gives
you an idea of where to start.

00:01:48:38 – 00:01:49:07
You know, okay,

00:01:49:07 – 00:01:52:14
I know this guy has made this much money
per hour or this much money

00:01:52:14 – 00:01:55:21
per project, so that gives you an idea
of what you can negotiate.

00:01:55:21 – 00:01:59:21
And by all means, if you can negotiate
higher and make more, go for it.

00:01:59:29 – 00:02:02:43
Payment terms that tells you, okay,
this client is going to pay net 30,

00:02:02:43 – 00:02:05:22
this one is going to pay net 15,
this one’s going to pay net 60.

00:02:05:22 – 00:02:07:18
That way you know what to expect
when you’re billing them.

00:02:07:18 – 00:02:10:09
This column will give you an idea
of how you’re going to build them.

00:02:10:09 – 00:02:12:59
Are you going to email an invoice?
Are you going to do it in an app?

00:02:12:59 – 00:02:15:43
Are you going to close on a website?
Then the onboarding method?

00:02:15:43 – 00:02:18:01
Are you going to go to a website
to join their company?

00:02:18:01 – 00:02:20:23
Are you going to do it
through an email system?

00:02:20:23 – 00:02:23:44
Then where I have a contact,
I’ve listed the actual name

00:02:23:44 – 00:02:27:05
and phone number
and email of their onboarding person.

00:02:27:11 – 00:02:28:24
Obviously, if it’s a website, there’s

00:02:28:24 – 00:02:31:00
no onboarding person,
so that’s blank for those people.

00:02:31:00 – 00:02:32:34
And as I go through this

00:02:32:34 – 00:02:36:04
and I get new clients
or I get new updates, I always send out

00:02:36:04 – 00:02:39:23
emails to people who have bought the list
to give them updates of,

00:02:39:23 – 00:02:42:41
Hey, I just found a new client or Hey,
I just negotiated a new rate

00:02:42:41 – 00:02:45:18
with this client
so that you will know, okay,

00:02:45:18 – 00:02:48:20
Hey, you know, now
I can try to renegotiate my rate with them

00:02:48:25 – 00:02:52:02
if they are a website based one
that I’ve listed the onboarding website

00:02:52:02 – 00:02:54:17
where you’ll go to actually sign up
for that client.

00:02:54:17 – 00:02:57:31
had a lot of people ask about Canada
and I’m still working on

00:02:57:31 – 00:03:00:35
finding out from these different clients
if they operate in Canada.

00:03:00:39 – 00:03:03:27
if you’re in Canada, I really wouldn’t
encourage you to buy this list

00:03:03:27 – 00:03:07:33
because I don’t have confidence
that you can make money off of this list.

00:03:07:40 – 00:03:10:21
This really should be strictly for U.S.

00:03:10:21 – 00:03:14:40
I’ve got their onboarding website, and
I also have their main company website.

00:03:14:41 – 00:03:17:07
That way you can go research them
and get information on them.

00:03:17:07 – 00:03:18:59
But I’ll tell you, most of the clients
in this list,

00:03:18:59 – 00:03:21:59
I’ve vetted them, I’ve worked with them,
I’ve been paid for them.

00:03:22:02 – 00:03:25:21
The only one that I will give you
a caution on is Barrister.

00:03:25:28 – 00:03:27:51
I have not had good success
with Barrister.

00:03:27:51 – 00:03:29:12
I’ve talked to Peter

00:03:29:12 – 00:03:31:46
and you’ll see I’ve got an interview
on my YouTube channel from Peter

00:03:31:46 – 00:03:35:15
and he makes money off of them
and has no problems with them.

00:03:35:15 – 00:03:39:19
So it is possible,
but that’s one client that I would say

00:03:39:19 – 00:03:41:40
you need to be cautious about
and definitely

00:03:41:40 – 00:03:43:42
not be one of the first ones
I would sign up with.

00:03:43:42 – 00:03:47:34
I also list their main company address
Then we go into their insurance coverage.

00:03:47:34 – 00:03:50:52
This is going to show you
what they require coverage wise on

00:03:50:52 – 00:03:54:35
commercial auto, commercial
general liability, and workers comp.

00:03:54:40 – 00:03:55:59
you’ll find that some of the clients

00:03:55:59 – 00:03:59:41
have different levels
of coverage requirements.

00:03:59:46 – 00:04:03:15
So what I’ve done is I’ve just found
which client requires the most.

00:04:03:22 – 00:04:06:31
For example, one requires
$2 million of general liability.

00:04:06:35 – 00:04:08:24
Maybe another one only requires 1 million.

00:04:08:24 – 00:04:12:12
Well, my policy covers 2
million It’s easier just to take my policy

00:04:12:12 – 00:04:16:16
to $2 million, and that covers
all the requirements for all the clients.

00:04:16:29 – 00:04:19:38
If you’re a good tech with good skill
sets, there’s no reason

00:04:19:38 – 00:04:22:59
you can’t sign up with these clients
and make good money very, very quickly.

00:04:23:13 – 00:04:26:31
I strongly believe you will more
than make up for the cost of the list.

00:04:26:31 – 00:04:28:10
If you would like to buy my client list,

00:04:28:10 – 00:04:31:15
there is a link in the description
that you can click directly to it.

00:04:31:16 – 00:04:34:10
Of course you can go to my website
and fieldtechacademy.com.

00:04:34:10 – 00:04:35:27
Look at the products page.

00:04:35:27 – 00:04:38:05
If you get value from today’s video,
smash that like button.

00:04:38:05 – 00:04:39:26
Subscribe to the channel

00:04:39:26 – 00:04:42:30
and be sure to check out my website
at fieldtechacademy.com to see

00:04:42:30 – 00:04:45:30
the downloads that I have available
or to buy the client list.

00:04:45:34 – 00:04:48:03
As always, let’s get you out in the field
making money.

00:04:48:03 – 00:04:49:01
I’ll see you in the next video.

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